Rantings page

AVRfreaks has several places where rantings are explicitly objected to - many public collections of information do.

Please add new rants as a new list item directly below the first one showing the emoticon.

Please revisite after a good night's sleep and consider editing or removal.

  • angry
  • The "Save"-button is way down.
  • No mention of the wiki engine used (Drupal?): no luck getting editing help that way easily (see this summary: http://www.wikimatrix.org/show/drupal-wiki to get you started, I found the Drupal site to be a confounding mix of German and English.)
  • No preview with edit(/add) page (mostly WYSIWYG, tho)
  • Wiki main page sports two lists - the second one almost useless without links.
  • In particular, it does not tell how to plant links, e.g., to AVRfreaks wiki main page <link href='https://www.avrfreaks.net/wiki'>Freaky wiki main page</link>.
  • What I see in an "add"-window does not offer help in editing the page contents (beyond toolbar including hovers).