Notification emails allow you to stay informed of discussions you have started or contributed to in real time.  The emails, which are sent after a reply is posted, contain a copy of the reply post (minus any images) so you don't need to revisit the site to read the post.  If you wish to revisit the site, you can use the link in the email to go directly to that post.  Please remember that notification emails are sent for each reply in a discussion.

Unlike following discussions, notifications do not affect what you see on AVR Freaks.  For more information on following discussions, please see the Following wiki.

A global default setting to enable and disable notifications is located in the Notifications Settings panel which can be found by clicking on your user name.  The default setting applies to all new posts but can be overridden at the time of posting.  For instance, if your default setting is unchecked, you can selectively opt to receive notifications for discussions when you post a reply (or create a new discussion) by checking "Notify me when a reply is posted".