Known Functionality Issues

The following is a list of known functionality issues with this site.  This list is to be maintained by the Site Admins and only contains functionality issues that have been verified.  There is a separate wiki for community Suggestions and Feedback.

  1. The Add Media feature does not embed videos (via linking to an external video).
  2. The link in the spam report email points to the original post rather than the post that was reported in the thread.
  3. Forum activity icons at the forum list level only indicate forums with new threads/discussions, not reply posts.
  4. Some users have duplicate PMs and are missing PM attachments
  5. Some topics are missing attachments (see

The following issues have been resolved .

  1. Links in a post should always open in a new tab/window.
  2. New and old topics beginning with titles "Hi" and "Hello" have become entangled with older posts upon splitting (see
  3. The Merge and Split functions for posts is very difficult to use and does not leave a shadow copy.
  4. Shadow copies of moved topics are affecting the post and reply counts of the forums where they exist (see
  5. The forum message editor's Add Media feature (as described in the Embedding Images wiki) does not work with Internet Explorer 11.
  6. The Recent Discussions page ( is not displaying all of the latest activity
  7. RSS feeds are displaying the author and time stamp for the first post in a topic rather than the last user to reply (see
  8. The positing of the voting stars does not adjust correctly to changes in the page width
  9. The copy/paste process on the site appends the copied content with a message that includes the URL where the content was copied from.
  10. The post counter is not correct (see
  11. A user's Followed Topics page does not include all topics being followed (manual follow or follow via reply).
  12. A very long user name will cause the user name/PM indicator/logout line of text above the search box to overrun.
  13. New topics sometimes do not appear in the My Discussions section of the My Overview page.
  14. A post marked as a solution appears at the top of every page in a thread (see
  15. Time stamps for last replies sometimes are not accurate (see
  16. Possible character encoding issue with post editor (see
  17. Topics that were locked on the old site and became unlocked during the migration are now all locked.
  18. The list of Top Participants appears differently based on the user type viewing it (see
  19. Migrated links to reply posts are not being redirected (see
  20. Projects appear as discussion topics when viewing a user's post activity.
  21. Some threads are displayed without proper page formatting and broken breadcrumbs (see
  22. Sticky topic icons do not show new/update activity.
  23. Login sessions are expiring earlier than they should (see