Following forum discussions allows you to stay informed of their activity.  Discussions that are followed are displayed on the My Overview page in the Discussions Followed section where you can see who replied last, when the last replied occurred, and a snippet of the reply message.  As in the forums, the title of the discussion links to the top of the thread while the Commented link directs you to the last reply.  Clicking on the user names takes you to their respective profiles.

It is important to note that following a discussion does not generate email notifications.  Following is only meant to create a summary of discussions you want to watch on your My Overview page.  The notification process is explained in the Notifications wiki.

Following a discussion is accomplished in two different manners:

  1. You can follow a discussion by clicking on the Follow button at the bottom of the original post.  This allows you to follow a discussion without contributing to it.
  2. If you contribute to a discussion you automatically follow it.

Regardless of which method is used, you can see a discussion's "follow" status in the Follow button at the bottom of the original post.