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Why boot_page_erase(page) doesnt work?
I had once a similar problem. I was using ATmega32, and I set the bootcode to start at start=.text=0x7000. I set the end of my application code 2Kbytes passed the BLS, so...
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 - 22:40
Can somebody explain to me how the stack and pc are saved in csrtos? Thanks
Saturday, 31 October 2009 - 03:12
csRTOS a multi-tasking scheduler for the AVR
I was studying the restoreTask() and saveTask() and I cannot figure out what they do. Help is appreciated, thanks! Leo;
Saturday, 31 October 2009 - 02:32
Simple Source code for EEprom (I2c and SPI)
Hi, question, where can I find the spi() function implementation? Is it similar to: unsigned char spi_transfer(unsigned char data) { SPDR = data; while (!(SPSR & (1...
Monday, 29 June 2009 - 18:15
Simple Source code for EEprom (I2c and SPI)
Thanks Lee, I will give your source code a try...
Saturday, 27 June 2009 - 15:40
Simple Source code for EEprom (I2c and SPI)
Hi, I've found source code to handle spi routines to serial eeprom on avr application note 107. does someone know if this approach is better than Lee's? Lee's approach is much...
Saturday, 27 June 2009 - 12:37
Hi, AVROSP always set the timeout to 5sec? I tried to program a mega32 with com set to 9600, 8, n, 1. somehow, during the flash programming; AVROSP received a serial port time...
Friday, 26 June 2009 - 23:16
[FAQ] [C] (writing a) Bootloader FAQ
Thursday, 25 June 2009 - 01:41
[FAQ] [C] (writing a) Bootloader FAQ
Hi; question for FAQ #8, Can a bootloader use interrupts? I would like to use interrupt with USART on my bootloader rather than polling. So before the bootloader main(); I set...
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 - 16:49
[FAQ] [C] (writing a) Bootloader FAQ
Thanks! it works!! Leo;
Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 21:20
[FAQ] [C] (writing a) Bootloader FAQ
Hi, I'm not able to download the pdf file. The browser is pointing to index.php, Leo;
Sunday, 14 June 2009 - 20:25
New release of FreeRTOS for AVR32
Hi, I'm a newbie in rtos, and I'm interested in freertos. I have one question regarding to this regard. When saving context, does freertos kernel also save the values of special...
Monday, 1 June 2009 - 17:58