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[Resolved] Generate a soft Reset
Yes, all global and static local variables are initialized by startup code of avrlibc. Uninitialized are only wariables placed in noinit section.
Tuesday, 5 June 2007 - 09:19
How do I control over 25 servo motors...?
It is ideal task for CPLD or FPGA. And it is very fun in learn new devices and programming language, eq VHDL. :)
Saturday, 26 May 2007 - 02:08
where to store settings? Flash? EEPROM? other?
In my devices I'm using flash for factory settings (e.g. ADC calibration coefficients, configuration of additional components of device), which are stored one or at best a few...
Monday, 21 May 2007 - 18:20
multiple files and sharing of variables
Try using typedef to define structures or defining structural variables as extern struct s_struct mystruct.
Saturday, 19 May 2007 - 21:14
Good programming software for medium sized production?
avrdude + interface in tcl/tk
Saturday, 19 May 2007 - 00:26
My STK500 does not work in Linux....
Have you as user rights to ttyUSB[01] ports? Under Debian serial ports users must be members of dialout group.
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 - 19:30
atmega32 to control light show! serious flaws in design?
Remember that cold lamp has much lower resistance than hot. Initial current in it is greater than nominal. Rate Your equipment amperage to initial current value. Andrzej
Thursday, 5 October 2006 - 20:07
How to optimize an AVR code?
Full ATmega16 is about 40 kB in hex format. That You have almost two times more code. It's very hard to reduce programm by this factor. You must rewrite your programm from skratch...
Sunday, 24 September 2006 - 11:51
AVRs in production environment..
Sorry, in my previous post has been broken, it's replaced in that post by correct version now. Andrzej
Monday, 18 September 2006 - 10:22
Differences between atmega128L and atmega128 other than....
Sunday, 17 September 2006 - 21:25
AVRs in production environment..
I use short awk program, which doing all that I need. I adapt this program for each project and save it in project folder. Awk is very simple language, and everybody can learn and...
Sunday, 17 September 2006 - 21:15
Interfacing clock PCF8583 with AVR
Camparis wrote:I'm using ATmega8515 as master. I need to run I2C software on my AVR to communicate with PCF8583. SDA to PortB, SCL to PortD. I didn't find the I2C address of my...
Friday, 15 September 2006 - 20:41