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SRAM size at compile time vs run time?
Atmel Studio shows memory used for global variables. It don't shows stack and heap sizes. If You want to be sure that your program does not crash from overwriting SRAM You must...
Thursday, 27 August 2020 - 12:01
how to write EEPROM with extreme safety?
I write two copies of data. In each copy part of it is its CRC. Each copy is saved in other memory page or one of they in internal and second one in external memory. In that case...
Wednesday, 8 July 2020 - 08:38
SPI Shift Register ?
Jim, can't You use a tri-state buffer for each output of external line connected to MISO? In master mode You must handle CS manually, thus You can use more than one output to...
Thursday, 4 June 2020 - 10:12
SPI Shift Register ?
I use 4021 and 74595 pair. On 4 pins I can have as many inputs and outputs as I wants. The one disadvantage is that 4021 has low clock speed at 3.3 V. But I can't find other pair...
Saturday, 30 May 2020 - 20:52
You must enable clocks first.
Wednesday, 22 April 2020 - 11:56
Solved: ATtiny 412 Multiple Analog Inputs using ADC0
ADC0.MUXPOS|= 0x07;This command sets 3 lowest bits in MUXPOS to 1 without touching other. The MUXPOS has value xxxxx111 (x - value don't changed by command). ADC0.MUXPOS|= 0x01;...
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 - 05:24
500 ohms
El Tangas wrote: But in practice, I think the tolerance will improve with more resistors because the error "cancels out", that is, maybe one resistor is 121 ohm, but the...
Thursday, 25 July 2019 - 11:44
UART transmission every 5 minutes using Timer.
There is another solution: You can connect two timers in serial and use timer prescaler.
Tuesday, 2 July 2019 - 12:55
Looking For Camera Recommendation
Maybe this will be interesting for You: or something even smaller:
Thursday, 7 March 2019 - 13:37
Is it possible to fry USB ports of a laptop?
sasadmunir wrote:Could my USB ports be fried due to excess current drawn by the dev board. Is it possible? Yes. I broke at the same time a few USB ports without drawing any...
Wednesday, 6 March 2019 - 10:57
SAML21 USART implementation
This may be a wrong condition in a loop waiting for end of sending of char. The SERCOM_USART_INTFLAG_DRE is wrote by You macro that define code for returning DRE flag from INTFLAG...
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 - 05:52
SAMD21 Flashing
You can use other JTAG device, for example j-Link from Segger.
Monday, 1 October 2018 - 11:40