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Autobaud help
I've read a few posts about this and get the general idea..... I want to use Int RC for both transmit and receive in an RF project.The transmitter will set the baud rate to 9600...
Monday, 14 May 2012 - 13:02
A question of maths help
I have an idea to expand my airplane sound system. Basically it's a Mega8 with 32Mbit dataflash for sounds and an SPI dac followed by a digital filter and amp. That all works fine...
Sunday, 19 February 2012 - 20:28
Extra Libraries question (GCC)
I'm contemplating (after many years of ASM) trying my hand at C, even though I struggle to get even the basics. One question though, are there libraries available for SPI handling...
Monday, 12 September 2011 - 07:15
Servo drive, not open source v3
Can anyone point me to an AVR solution for making a regular RC servo, ie throwing away the internals and replacing them .... I'm making some linear servos and want to use linear...
Saturday, 14 May 2011 - 11:46
Another problem with UART Rx and power down mode...
I have a similar problem to that posted by 'salembit' on the 30th... I have an RF app that I'm currently testing/debugging via direct wire connect, UART Txd to UART Rxd. Without...
Sunday, 2 January 2011 - 10:04
Problem with avr isp mkII [solved: set ISP freq.]
I've been using an avr isp MK1 (with AVR Studio) until today when I blew it up (don't ask)... I use it to program Mega 8s, 48s and 48PAs(in system) with on board 8M int. osc and...
Saturday, 20 November 2010 - 18:28
Can't use PB5(reset) as output
I've tried all I can think of.. but PB5 just sits low. I have a pullup 4K7 to +5V from pin 1.I have external reset disabled in fuses.I've tried with and without SPI enabled as I...
Sunday, 25 July 2010 - 14:58
When do I update pwm pulse width
On a positive pulse output, should I update the pulse width counter on detecting the negative going edge?
Sunday, 22 November 2009 - 22:34
VASP tiny2313 version
does anyone have a hex code of this version? I have no idea how to compile it from the source... :(
Thursday, 22 October 2009 - 21:55
Mega 48 Comparator problem.
I've gone for a simple solution for low battery detect on my 3V3 system. A 1M resistor from Vbatt to AIN1 and a 1M from AIN1 to GND. This will switch at Vbatt= 2.2v with the...
Thursday, 9 April 2009 - 08:32
ADC help on mega48/p
My project is doing well and thanks for the help. Mega 8 + nrf905 module. I have managed to get standby current down to
Friday, 20 March 2009 - 17:25
Some nrf905 data sheet help please
Can anyone confirm where the HFREQ_Pll bit is in byte 1 of the config registers? I just can't understand the data sheet...(page 24).At least AVR data sheets are perfectly clear
Saturday, 7 March 2009 - 23:15