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ATmega8 - OCR1B-Interrupt missed
Hi, using the ATmega8 (16 MHz), sometimes for one cycle the OCR1B-Interrupt is missed, but the OCR1A-Interrupt (300µs earlier) and the T1-OVF-Interrupt are correct in time. (there...
Wednesday, 28 January 2004 - 10:37
ATtiny26_Std.aio for simulator
Hi, I miss in my AVR Studio 3 the simulatorfile for the ATtiny26L. I think it is the file ATtiny26_Std.aio. I already searched on ATMEL without success. Does anyone have it or...
Thursday, 13 March 2003 - 08:04
Hi Freaks, I want to program an ATtiny26L. In my program (AVR Studio 3.56) is a little loop: Wait: ldi r10,20 Wait1: dec r19 brne Wait1 ret Works fine but after ret it returns to...
Wednesday, 12 March 2003 - 15:33
Accuracy of Internal Reference and Bandgap
Hello! I need some informationens about the accuracy of the internal bandgap or the internal reference of the Mega163 (Mega16). Is the tolerance dokumented in the Datasheet the...
Wednesday, 8 January 2003 - 13:23
Cant save projects
Hi freaks, I need anybody's help. I'm working with AVR-Studio 3.55 and AVR-GCC (just starting). After leaving my project and reopen it, AVR-Studio can't remember the c-file, the...
Monday, 8 July 2002 - 20:56
need a better hyperterminal
Hi everybody, i just need a hyper-terminal-program. The Windows-Hyperterminal is not that good, isn't it? Is there a better program outside to download? thanks a lot, joachim
Monday, 8 July 2002 - 20:53
real beginners guide
High AVR-C-Freaks, I'm a real startup in programming microcontrollers with C. Now I want to learn AVRGCC. Anybody knows a documentation for me? Thanks a lot, Joachim
Monday, 8 July 2002 - 07:39
AVR to play AudioCD with an ATAPI CD-ROM
AVR to play AudioCD with an ATAPI CD-ROM At the moment I'am working to build an AVR-ATAPI-interface to play Audio CDs. Full control will be included, like reading the TOC, reading...
Wednesday, 20 March 2002 - 14:43
ISP description
I have a strange problem with my uP circuit. Sometimes when I switch on supply voltage, the ATMEGA103 doesnt work. Even if I force an external reset, there is no reaktion. I guess...
Tuesday, 5 February 2002 - 17:33
AVR Studio 3.52 available
Hello to all ! AVR Studio is now in Version 3.52 available for download at Atmel's Website ! Bye Joachim
Saturday, 10 November 2001 - 20:03
DFT/FFT on 8515
Hello everyone, I want to check a spectrum and give out text on lcd (this part I know already because of this genius forum!) if there are some special frequencies. Does anyone...
Wednesday, 7 November 2001 - 21:10
pwm speed control for DC motor
I posted a dc motor driver with pulswidth modulated speed control for dc motors. (schematics and asm file ). the speed is controlled with a 10k poti. joachim
Friday, 2 November 2001 - 21:55