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ATmega328p coming soon
Just got this from Digikey in response to my inquiry regarding ATmega328p availability: "That part should be in our system and on order next week. We just received pricing...
Wednesday, 2 April 2008 - 19:20
LCD supplier for ATMega169/329/649 project
I'm considering a project that will require a simple, monochrome, 6-character, 7-segment LCD. The easy thing to do would be to use an intelligent LCD, but there's a minuscule...
Monday, 31 March 2008 - 07:08
How big should an analog ground plane be?
I'm laying out a 2-layer board (~5" x 5") for an ATmega2561 design and I'd like to use a ground plane for the ADC. I can't devote a whole layer to it so I was wondering if there'...
Saturday, 22 March 2008 - 08:57
Where's the analog ground pin on ATmega1281/2561?
Regarding AVR devices that have an ADC, AVR042 (AVR Hardware Design Considerations) says, "The analog ground, AGND, is also separated from the digital ground – for the same...
Thursday, 20 March 2008 - 21:24
When I program my ATMEGA 128 via the serial (i.e. not MKII) JTAG ICE, it resets my EEPROM contents, even though the fuse for preserving the EEPROM contents during chip erase is...
Monday, 23 May 2005 - 22:32
Simulator executes different line than indicated
I'm running AVR Studio 4.11 (build 401, no service pack 2 installed). Today it started to indicate it was on a differnt line than the line it executes in single-step mode. I'm...
Wednesday, 4 May 2005 - 04:16
AVRISP and PEN pin on ATMega128
I've done a number of designs with various AVRs but am working on my first ATMega128 design. I want to enable programming via the AVRISP and I understand that the MOSI/MISO lines...
Wednesday, 16 February 2005 - 06:52
AVCC low pass filter suggestions?
I'm designing an ATMega128 board w/ the TQFP package. I have no plans to use the ADC but figure I might as well set things up so I can in the future. The only discussion of...
Tuesday, 15 February 2005 - 18:51
External SRAM recommendations?
It seems like there are a lot of opinions about what SRAMs to use for external expansion for AVRs, though these are usually expressed generically ("the Samsung part," "the Winbond...
Sunday, 6 February 2005 - 23:06
External memory problem
I'm tryng to bring up my first AVR design using external RAM and it's not going well. I'm using an ATMega8515 at 16 MHz with a Cypress 12ns SRAM and 74AHC573 latch. The problem...
Monday, 31 January 2005 - 05:51
Sound effects chips?
All the ones I've been able to find references to seem to have been discontinued. Does anyone know of anything that's currently in production? Thanks. Karl
Monday, 17 January 2005 - 05:15
SRAM/latch recommendation
I need to add a 64KB SRAM chip and associated latch to a 16 MHz ATMega design (haven't settled on the actual CPU yet but probably an ATMega64). Can anybody recommend a specific...
Monday, 10 January 2005 - 16:58