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SRAM/latch recommendation
I need to add a 64KB SRAM chip and associated latch to a 16 MHz ATMega design (haven't settled on the actual CPU yet but probably an ATMega64). Can anybody recommend a specific...
Monday, 10 January 2005 - 16:58
Hand-soldering MLF packages
More and more AVR's are coming out in this nifty, tiny package. I'd really like to use it in some one-offs, but I'm concerned about being able to hand-solder it to a PCB (I don't...
Wednesday, 23 June 2004 - 20:51
USB interface for AVRISP?
I'd like to be able to use an AVRISP with a laptop that has no RS232 port but has a USB port. I've bought a couple of different serial-USB converter cables but they both have the...
Friday, 28 May 2004 - 06:17