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Can i connect +5v to the regulated side of a 7805 ??
You can connect seperate supplies together in certain cases. If you add some impedance (a resistor) of an appropriate value and size, then two linear regulators can be connected...
Wednesday, 15 September 2004 - 17:39
Best format to store ADC readings into Dataflash
If you have an external RTC connected, then reading the BCD out of the device is the easiest (although not the most efficient) storage method. A packed BCD time/date stamp might...
Wednesday, 15 September 2004 - 04:21
MK-II Reverse Engineering
Just in case anyone is still following this thread - I have attached a zip file which contains C code for CRC calculation of DebugWire messages. Routine was tested using message...
Thursday, 9 September 2004 - 02:38
nic (Network Controller)
Also try EDTP Electronics. They have several AVR based, low cost ethernet development boards like "EDTP Easy Ethernet AVR". I bought one as a kit, put it...
Wednesday, 8 September 2004 - 12:50
I use "VISIO" for creating flowcharts, state diagrams, and lots of other "visual" documents. It's not free, but it is realitively inexpensive ($49.99 from for version...
Tuesday, 7 September 2004 - 20:03
audio, adc, tone decoding
I don't think that a 1200 baud modem would use FSK modulation. 1200 baud and greater would use either "QPSK" or "QAM". Carrier frequencies would be too high on the phones lines to...
Friday, 3 September 2004 - 03:54
10-bit ADC converted into decimal number between 0 and 100
You are correct SteveN. Let me give this another shot. 1023/100 = 10.23 (1/10.23) x 256 = 25.02443793 or ~= 25 1023 x 25 = 25575 or 63E7 hex or 63.E7 hex or 01100011.11100111 (MSB...
Friday, 3 September 2004 - 02:54
10-bit ADC converted into decimal number between 0 and 100
Take your 10 bit number, multiply by 25, then divide by 256 (take upper byte of result). For example A/D reading = 1024 1024 x 25 = 25600 or 6400hex upper byte = 64hex or 100dec....
Thursday, 2 September 2004 - 02:47
NAND Flash / SanDisks Memory Cards
If you're going to store 100+MB, then SRAM and EEPROM are not good choices. SD/MMC, and Compact Flash will be your best choices. SD/MMC is the simplest to implement from a...
Wednesday, 1 September 2004 - 00:33
100V interface to ADC of ATmega16l
There are several reasons to provide isolation from a high voltage circuit. These include but are not limited to: 1. Provide safety for people/operators. 2. Prevent interaction...
Monday, 30 August 2004 - 17:30
C:how to Convert int to string
I believe that itoa() function is an ANSI C function (contained in stdlib.h). Several sources support this claim.
Monday, 30 August 2004 - 16:58
Floppy drive I/O
Implementing a FAT file system is a fairly complex task. I believe that you will find that an 8515 is not up to the challenge. Since the minimum FAT sector size is 512 bytes, the...
Sunday, 29 August 2004 - 23:23