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What is the best wireless network architecture for 1000 nodes...?
How are you powering these 1000 sensors?   And the CPU/XBEE that is attached to each sensor is powered by what?
Friday, 14 August 2020 - 02:17
Convert Atmega8 code to Atmega88
So you are a "beginner" and you want to turn 300+ lines of assembler-based C code into code that will work on a similar but internally-different CPU? It would be a miracle if this...
Monday, 10 August 2020 - 20:20
[ATmega4809] I2C Question
hello.   You are trying to adapt code for an ARM CPU's internal I2C peripheral to an AVR CPU without fully understanding the I2C process.   The ARM and AVR internal...
Monday, 10 August 2020 - 20:01
UART not working
I believe that your baud rate formula is wrong.  Try (FCPU/(16*baud) ) -1 .   The UART operates at 16 times the baud rate so that when it is receiving data, it can test...
Monday, 10 August 2020 - 19:26
Weird effect of AVR C on USB-serial communication.
Make one change at a time and observe how your one change affects your AVR system.   Do this version of the Arduino program before switching to the int main() format:...
Sunday, 9 August 2020 - 20:18
set_bit, clear_bit, and toggle_bit not changing I/O on AtMega328
Dear original poster,   If you are an advanced microprocessor development engineer with years of experience, then excuse me for "talking down".  I mean no...
Sunday, 9 August 2020 - 14:08
Programming an Rfduino, through arduino ide
I suspect that it would be best to go one step above the actual RFduino hardware in your approach.  Instead think of the situation as one to use a generic Bluetooth to...
Saturday, 8 August 2020 - 20:40
What was your first micro programming experience?
My first personal computer was the Radio Shack MC-10, a "BASIC trainer" with a Motorola 6803.  For $50 in 1984.  There was no internet and it was very difficult to get...
Tuesday, 4 August 2020 - 17:57
High accuracy position device (like GPS)
Jeez,  GPS is for the earthly location of an object as determined from outer space.   And two centimeter resolution from outer space means only one thing: top...
Monday, 3 August 2020 - 18:20
Return INT or UINT16_t ?
You didn't say what the resolution of the ADC was, so I'm going to assume that it is 14 bits since it is an external device and you can get 10-bits on the internal AVR ADC. So...
Monday, 3 August 2020 - 18:12
absolutely lost on OLED display
Well you could use this code for your OLED.   It doesn't have the 1024 byte SRAM buffer that is used by the Adafruit OLED library.   Here is the code for making an...
Friday, 31 July 2020 - 22:12
ATmega 328P, why won't you talk to me?
There is no reset\ circuitry shown.  There should be a  pull-up resistor on reset\, about 10K ohms.   And where is the ISP header?  And what is this pin...
Friday, 31 July 2020 - 19:27