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240vac to 5vdc & ATMEGA8 Fuses
Ok, thanks for all the replies (very fast!) Anyway, looks as though I may go for the 1M resistor option purely due to it's simplicity. However, before I embark, do you have any...
Tuesday, 22 April 2003 - 06:39
Attempting 3 channel LED dimming using a ATMEGA8
Ok, got it going - kinda it is a little hacky, we decided to just turn the adc off then on again to swap which channel we sampled from. anyway, the file is attached if anyone is...
Wednesday, 19 March 2003 - 23:54
Example 8515 code
ok, where can i find examples on the non-depreciated i/o calls? Can anyone suggest one? Is there any sample code for the new 3.3 compiler collection? I know that the double was a...
Tuesday, 11 March 2003 - 02:00