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What do you think about new avr-libc feature?
Hi. All of us have problems with pointers on AVR "“ they can point into FLASH or SRAM. Because lots of AVRs have only minimal SRAM, and in most of projects we don't use external...
Friday, 7 August 2009 - 10:18
Another AVR Studio bug or something weird?
Hi, I use ATMega128, AVR Studio 4.16 build 638. To program my device I use JTAG ICE in JTAG mode. In last tab I've checked Erase Device, Program FLASH and Verify Flash. After...
Tuesday, 4 August 2009 - 16:24
AVR Studio SDK license agreement
Hi, I have simple question about AVR Studio SDK license agreement. About week or two ago I've signed and faxed this agreement to Atmel, but till now I have no response. Do you...
Thursday, 25 June 2009 - 17:15
How can I ask for a new feature In AVR Studio?
Hi, my project is getting bigger and bigger, so in Studio I have a lot of added source and header files. I keep them in nice order in subdirectories, but AVR Studio has only a...
Saturday, 9 May 2009 - 09:36
CAN bus implementation in software
Does anybody knows any implementation of CAN bus on AVR in software? I tried to find something, but unfortunately word "˜CAN' is ambiguous :)
Thursday, 30 April 2009 - 22:33
AVR-g++, another misoptimization example
Hi folks, Take a look At the following example: void EventTimer::EventTimerInterrupt() { Counter++; FuncList *aFL=FL; while(aFL) { if((Counter%aFL->Interval)==0) aFL->...
Thursday, 12 February 2009 - 20:11
How to add a raw binary image to AVR Studio gcc project
Hi, I wonder how to add a binary file to AVR Studio gcc project, so the autogenerated makefile will generate object file by use of avr-objcopy command. At first I thought that ‘...
Thursday, 5 February 2009 - 18:35
C and arithmetic overflow/underflow
Hi, please tell me how I can detect an overflow in c arithmetic? For example I have 16-bit counter, declared as uint16_t counter. Now, I want to detect situation when my counter...
Thursday, 15 January 2009 - 21:43
How to detect the end of sending stop condition over TWI?
Hi, I have to wait till stop condition is sent over TWI interface. After that unlike other command the TWINT is not set. So my question – is it ok to check if TWSTO flag is set...
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 - 23:36
I can’t see something or bug in avr-g++ (long)
Hi, I have a weird problem with g++ or AVR Studio. Take a look on a following program : RotaryEncoder.h: #define DebounceTime 5 //Dead time used for debouncing class...
Sunday, 4 January 2009 - 16:59
C optimization
Hi, I wonder how to optimize the following code: uint16_t col=0; uint8_t Red; Blue=((uint8_t)Blue)>>3; col=((uint8_t)col) | Blue; It’s translated to the following assembly...
Tuesday, 30 December 2008 - 12:11
Relative paths
Hi, I read in history abort problems with relative paths in AVR Studio projects. Now we have a new version (4.15) and relative paths still doesn’t work, or maybe I’ve missed...
Monday, 29 December 2008 - 22:13