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Mega48/88/168 AVCC
Hi all, Remembering the discovery on the Mega8 that AVCC was in fact internally connected to VCC.....on these new Mega's has anyone tested the AVCC - VCC issue?. Also, anyone...
Friday, 31 December 2004 - 13:32
New Mega8 ISP Problems
Hi All, I have been hand building some final test PCB's before a production run and have come across a problem that has me scratching my head. What I am finding is everynow and...
Sunday, 8 August 2004 - 13:12
Mega8 v's Mega48/88/168
Is this new series "Mega48/88/168" going to replace the current Mega8?. The quick glance I had at the data sheet it appears they share the same pinouts. I wonder if the VCC and...
Saturday, 31 July 2004 - 14:31
AT90CAN128, are they in the wild yet??
Are these things actually released yet??. They appear to be showing up as non stock everywhere. Cheers.
Saturday, 10 July 2004 - 14:01
The silly things we do
Just thought we'd all get some laughs at my expense. Just got some proto PCB's back the otherday, eagerly built up the first one. Connect 6pin ISP, run AVR Studio to run some test...
Sunday, 25 April 2004 - 07:03
Atmel AT45xx DataFlash
Hi all, Just looking at the DataFlash devices Atmel have, they say 2.7V to 3.6V supply range, YET, the quote from the data sheet is - 5.0V-tolerant Inputs: SI, SCK, CS, RESET, and...
Saturday, 10 April 2004 - 13:09
MMC and SD card to 5V AVR
Hi All, Just out of curiosity, how would one go about interfacing an MMC or SD card to an AVR running off 5V?. I see the specs for the MMC/SD cards list 3.6V as the max. Cheers.
Friday, 9 April 2004 - 12:20
Atmel AT25P1024 (O.T)
Hi all, Sorry, a little off Topic to AVR, but still with Atmel :D Just looking at these Atmel SEEPROM's. They come in 2 packages - 20pin SOIC or 8pad leadless array. For "hand...
Sunday, 4 April 2004 - 04:05
Good USB Chip
Hi All, A little off the AVR side of things, but..... Has anybody had any experience with this USB chip? http://www.instantusb.com/ On paper it looks a whole lot better than the...
Friday, 2 April 2004 - 13:32
USB and A/D Ref
Hi All, I have a few questions regarding using a Mega8 and the FTDI FT232BM USB IC's. I need to use 2 channels of A/D on the Mega8 and want to power all I.C's from the USB port....
Thursday, 4 March 2004 - 05:39
Producing Random NUmbers
Hi All, I'm using an AT2313 AVR and I need to produce random values on PortB. I am then using an R2R resistor arrangement on the PortB pins to produce a variable voltage depending...
Saturday, 1 February 2003 - 01:02