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M328P and Sleep wake via Pin Change Int?
Greetings -   This is the N+1th question (where N is a largish number) involving the new version of my acceleration data logger.   Here is the way it normally...
Sat. Nov 10, 2018 - 04:51 AM
Serial Send Major Problem
System: Mega328P running at 8MHz. It has serial output via the hardware USART and a FT232R to a terminal running under Windows.   I have a function that outputs a list of...
Fri. Nov 2, 2018 - 06:41 AM
K&R vs avr-gcc?
Greetings Freaks -   Out of curiosity, I just looked up in K&R (2nd Edition) how they implement puts() - that is putstring().   The implementation that is shown...
Fri. Nov 2, 2018 - 04:09 AM
Lesson Learned - (N+1)th Time!
As some of you know, I manufacture acceleration loggers. The sensor is an ST LIS3-DSH.   In the past, I have generated samples at 100Hz and have read and processed each...
Wed. Oct 31, 2018 - 06:31 PM
AS7 Watch and local variable?
Greetings -   I am assuming that this is an AS7 "issue" but not sure....   I have a variable defined as local to a for loop thusly:   for(uint8_t samcnt = 0;...
Tue. Oct 30, 2018 - 06:31 PM
micro-SD memory block behavior?
Greets, folks    Hope someone around has delved into this.   Question: In a microSD card driven by FatFS, suppose that a partial block is  written, and...
Mon. Oct 22, 2018 - 02:15 PM
M328P Dedicated ADC inputs?
Greetings -   I have a battery powered product using M328P. Power consumption is a bit higher than I would like but I can live with that. It uses sleep and power management...
Wed. Oct 17, 2018 - 04:04 AM
New Tiny 3216/3217
From Microchip web site   The ATtiny3217 family of microcontrollers incorporates several innovative features including high-accuracy analog, the Peripheral Touch Controller (...
Thu. Oct 11, 2018 - 04:53 PM
Mega-0 Programming Connector?
OK, thinking ahead, here.   Suppose that I have a proof of concept all wired up and, hardware-wise, operating with my handy ATmega4809-XPRO board, breakout boards for...
Sat. Sep 29, 2018 - 05:34 PM
Mega4808 External Low Frequency Crystal Oscillator?
Greetings,   I would like to run the RTC in a Mega4809 at 32KHz to get 10Hz ticks. I think the hardware makes this possible.   BUT, it is NOT clear that it will accept a...
Thu. Sep 27, 2018 - 09:52 PM
How To Avoid Forced Reload of software for debug session?
Greetings, folks -   This is not exactly a problem, but ... it is annoying.   I am in the middle of performance testing on a major rewrite of the code for one of my...
Fri. Sep 21, 2018 - 04:43 PM
Jack Ganssle's "Reason #4" on why embedded software projects run into trouble
This one is SOOOO prevalent! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, myself. Optimistic Code, that is. Have a read:   https://www.embedded.com/electro...   Jim
Wed. Sep 19, 2018 - 05:44 PM