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FatFs disk_write function fails because of write protect mode – unclear how it gets into this state
  Summary of issue Calls to write_disk fail due to the card apparently being in Write Protect Mode. I cannot see how it gets into this state, I have MMC_WP #define'...
Friday, 8 July 2022 - 01:36
SD card initialization is failing (CMD0)
ISSUE SOLVED TLDR: I was operating in SPI MODE 1 the entire time, I should have been in SPI MODE 0 e.g. //BUFEN disabled; BUFWR disabled; SSD disabled; MODE 0; SPI0.CTRLB = 0x00...
Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 07:20
Cannot change SPI pin positions on ATTiny Curiosity Nano to PORTC pins
I am trying to set up SPI on PORTC of my ATTiny1627 Curiosity Nano board, but I have not observed any change of state on the pins on my oscilloscope. I am using the SPIMASTER...
Tuesday, 31 May 2022 - 11:33