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Using Studio 7.0.2542, adding action tracepoint causes code execution to change.
Not certain if this is the correct forum. Use---- Microchip Studio 7.0.2542 Processor ATmega 16 JTAGice mkii from 2009/2010 serial number 090000006B6C  firmware version...
Friday, 5 August 2022 - 20:35
Atmel Studio build 2389 does not recognize JTAGICE mkII
Couple of weeks ago I had full use of AVR tools + JTAGICE mkII   I am forced to use Atmel Studio 7.0.2389 because I need AVR Toolchain installed to get to gnu c compiler...
Wednesday, 13 April 2022 - 18:21
issue with Atmel Studio installation "as-installer-7.0.2542-web.exe"
The project was created in 2011 using AVR Studio 4 format. The project worked ok several years ago with an earlier AVR Studio 7 release I used "as-installer-7.0.2542-web.exe...
Thursday, 17 February 2022 - 21:15