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USART problem
The problem was a combination of having the lfuse set for the internal 1MHZ oscillator. Once that was corrected part of the problem disappeared. About half of the characters were...
Thursday, 30 August 2012 - 21:23
USART problem
It the orginal message it was only tried in Ubuntu using gtkterm. Now I'm using Bray's Terminal in Windows and an STK500. The STK500 is what I used in Ubuntu. Looping back via a...
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 - 17:57
Logging AVR data on PC
I don't know what I have done wrong but not, actually an hour or so after my last post yesterday, Minicom started displaying loopback characters that looked like the baud rate was...
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 - 21:11
Logging AVR data on PC
With the Tx and Rx pins connected I have the following setup Comm Parameters: 19200 8N1 Terminal: default Configuration Minicom: Serial Port setup: Serial Device: /dev/...
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 - 20:18
Logging AVR data on PC
I now have Minicom installed, set the com parameters to 19200 8N1 /dev/ttyUSB0 This matches what dmesg returns The device Tx & Rx pins connected for loopback But Minicom...
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 - 17:20
mega16 PORTC acting strange
Thanks John. Now I remember having the same problem with a m324 several years ago. "My memory is going", HAL in 2001 a Space Odyssey. Getting old is not for wimps! I see both of...
Sunday, 4 March 2012 - 15:56
Atmega88pa using PB7 and PB6 I/O
Clawson, using PORTE XT1 and XT2 fix the problem,thanks. Thanks to MBedder also. I spent a lot of time trying to figure that one out. I still have a question, where do I find info...
Thursday, 15 December 2011 - 18:34
Passing a #define to include files
TimothyEBaldwin wrote:Put the #define before the #include. Thanks Timothy, thats the answer I was looking and hoping for. Works just like I want it to. Mike
Sunday, 6 February 2011 - 15:45
In switch/case can a range be used for case
I dealing with a clock that is dealing with a speed of seconds. With a 4.0MHz clock that is plenty of speed to do the seconds counts and display that count on a 2 digit, 7-segment...
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 - 14:17
In switch/case can a range be used for case
Koshchi wrote:Quote:Didn't know of div() and ldiv(). Comparing 'div()' vs '/', the '/' is 52 bytes smaller so that is what I went with.But '/' only gives you the tens digit. You...
Tuesday, 11 January 2011 - 23:42
In switch/case can a range be used for case
Steve A. wrote:You can use div() (or ldiv() for longs) and do the divide and the mod in one step.Didn't know of div() and ldiv(). Comparing 'div()' vs '/', the '/' is 52 bytes...
Saturday, 8 January 2011 - 17:17
In switch/case can a range be used for case
That's all for now, but stay tuned next week for details on how to replace a 256-case switch statement for generating numbers one greater than an arbitrary unsigned character...
Saturday, 8 January 2011 - 02:28