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studio 4b623 install error
Does anyone know what this install error is?
Thursday, 13 November 2008 - 06:24
Studio SP4 defaulting to disassembler view
I'm debugging a codevision project using a JTAGice Mk11, and it seems that since I have installed SP4 the project opens with a disassembler view only. I have to manually open the...
Thursday, 5 October 2006 - 23:30
Dragon supported devices
Does anyone know if Atmel indends the Dragon to eventually support all
Friday, 22 September 2006 - 00:09
Dragon availabilty?
Does anyone know when the AVR Dragon is going to be available. I've tried the usual online sources but no luck yet.
Thursday, 27 July 2006 - 05:05
ICE200/ICE50 replacement flex cables
Does anyone know if you can get replacement white flat flex cables for the ice200/ice50 emulators (they appear to be exactly the same type for both emulators)? The standard flex...
Thursday, 31 March 2005 - 02:19
4.11 will not see stk500 via usb-2-rs232
Well it looks like I have shot myself in the foot. After using my STK500 through a USB to RS232 converter for the last year with no problems I just installed 4.11 over 4.10 and...
Wednesday, 19 January 2005 - 05:17
Studio breaks into disassembly view
When ever I try to break a program ( ICE200, Codevision COFF and 4.10.356) studio breaks into the disassembly view. Very occasionally I can break the program and the C window will...
Friday, 29 October 2004 - 06:40
DB Directive in Studio 3.51
Hi Guys, Well Atmel have finally addressed the problem with odd bytes in the db directive causing labels to be wrong. However, according to the release notes this...
Tuesday, 17 July 2001 - 06:27
Studio 3.51 available for download
If anyone is interested the latest Studio is available for download on Atmels website. Here is the fix list. What's new? Version 3.51 Below is a short summary of new features and...
Tuesday, 17 July 2001 - 04:06
8515 OC1B refuses to disconnect
I have come across a problem when using T1 in 8bit pwm mode. According to the 8515 data sheets, clearing bits 5,4 of TCCR1A should disconnect OC1B , however it does not . I use...
Wednesday, 18 April 2001 - 01:49