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tinyAVR 2-series: read supply voltage
Hey all,   I'm currently migrating a project from series 0/1 to series 2 tinyAVRs. I'm now using the ATTINY1626. Migration worked fine, except for my code to read the VDD...
Thursday, 10 June 2021 - 11:34
Flashing ATTINYs via jtag2updi -> power consumption high
Hey there,   I have a custom board with an ATTINY1616 that I flash by using an Arduino Nano with jtag2updi. Flashing works perfectly fine and the code is executed immediately...
Thursday, 29 April 2021 - 11:41
Attiny1616 - 3 times higher power consumption in active mode
  Hi all,   I'm currently working with the Attiny1616, a very nice little Microcontroller indeed! But I was surprised about the active supply current not matching the...
Friday, 14 August 2020 - 09:48