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Good microscope for electronics work on ebay
At the moment, there is a trinocular Nikon SMZ-2T with a dual-arm boom stand, for sale on ebay, at a reasonable price, from all indications, a reputable seller. It includes a ring...
Friday, 3 August 2018 - 11:41
[avr-gcc] Call-saved registers in main()
I have a quick question. Can main() freely use r2–r17 and r28–r29 and not worry about saving them or having a called function clobber them?   It appears that avr-gcc 4.8.1...
Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 13:20
Is the ATtiny13's operating current *that* low?
Someone pinch me if I am dreaming, but is the ATtiny13 datasheet realistic and does it really draw so little current when run off its internal, 128khz clock? I am working on a...
Friday, 21 October 2005 - 11:45
Making gcc code jump to a subroutine
A few days ago, someone asked about the code 'gcc' generates when a function ends with a function call. Specifically, why does it call the function and then return, for example...
Tuesday, 30 November 2004 - 14:23
Those of you using the ATtiny26 that are running short of flash, the Atmel rep I talked to at Electronica 2004 said the ATtiny46 will be sampling Q1 2005 before going into regular...
Thursday, 11 November 2004 - 17:21