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better way possible? (code structure)
Sorry an error read this (inc blockCnt) SBRC blockCnt,6 RCALL H0 SBRS blockCnt,6 RCALL H1
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 - 22:08
better way possible? (code structure)
I guess thai blockCnt is a upcounter, so if the line before the showed code is inc blockCount you can check on bit 6 high or not and the code will then be (inc blockCnt) SBRC...
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 - 22:07
Does anyone want to share some C# code on using Comx
Do you need a free tool and don't need to use C# , you can download a free delphi (I think think ver 6 is free now, for a long time I used a delphi 4 that came on a 'Alt om data'...
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 - 21:47
AVR and Overclocking
The first thing to fail will be writing to the eeprom. And don't program at high speed (part of the same problem).
Tuesday, 31 May 2005 - 18:25
convert 5 to 3.6 v for mmc/ atmel data flash card
Use 2 diodes (2*0.7v drop) that give 3.6 volt that is within 10% error so OK. evt use a resistor to have a consistent current flow. An other way is a resistor and a 3.3V zener...
Friday, 22 April 2005 - 17:37
weired echo on UART test on atmega16
"send a byte, i get a byte back, but not the byte i sent. if i send an 'a' i get an 'O', if i send 'o' i get 'H'. " In bin 1100001 1001111 1101111 1001000 I bet you that you need...
Friday, 22 April 2005 - 00:42
Newb questions
On the AVR's flash and eeprom is the same thing, that's why the cpu stops for two clk when you read the eeprom. To garanti a lot of writecycles for the eeproms there are some...
Wednesday, 23 October 2002 - 05:56