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which compiler should I take?
Well, I am an electronics engineer and I happen to favour Imagecraft which I have had some very good results from, for an EE. But my limited use of IAR will be expanding a lot...
Thursday, 9 December 2004 - 23:07
OT: LCD at 3V
Most graphic displays nowadays come with a charge pump built into the driver IC which will generate the LCD drive volages for you. Look at anything using Samsung's S6B0723/ KS0723...
Sunday, 5 December 2004 - 18:33
Slow Crystal Start-up -- What's the story exactly?
As the watchdog oscillator is entirely internal it's operation can be fully characterised and ensured for various ranges of input voltages. Reliability of an oscillator using an...
Saturday, 4 December 2004 - 01:58
Slow Crystal Start-up -- What's the story exactly?
Just to add to what Mike said, this stabilisation delay is set ( I believe ) using the watchdog clock as the source. Which if you look at the datasheets is an independant 1MHz RC...
Saturday, 4 December 2004 - 00:20
Logic Level Shifting (one more time)
If you have simple multiple unidirectional requirements, consider the 74HC4050. You can power it from your low sided supply and not worry about the input voltages (to a point) as...
Sunday, 21 November 2004 - 23:53
High Speed AVR
I think you may have read the data sheet incorrectly. The external clock is run at 12MHz, but it appears there is a PLL which boosts this to a selectable rate between 16 and 48MHz...
Sunday, 21 November 2004 - 23:32
Crystal for the DS1307
Noob, The reason for things blowing up is probably due to the fact that you did not have a floating power supply. If both of your supplies are referenced to, say, neutral then you...
Saturday, 23 October 2004 - 17:34
Powersupply from 220VAC to 20VDC
OK. I neglected the fact that you had posted some requirements in the message header. Could not find any standard 20V supplies, but there are 24V versions available?? http://uk....
Saturday, 23 October 2004 - 17:25
Powersupply from 220VAC to 20VDC
Hello there! Without meaning to seem rude, you don't appear to know an awful lot about power supply design. So I would seriously avoid trying to make your own for reasons of your...
Saturday, 23 October 2004 - 17:19
Programming before reflow soldering - is it possible?
Normally it should be OK. But this is based upon a 20-30 second reflow time on lead based soldering. I suggest that you be vary weary of this. Especially if your customer is going...
Thursday, 21 October 2004 - 23:09
VHDL beginner
Bingo, Don't be put off by other people's preferences. You can have a look at all approaches and see which one fits you. They each have their pros and cons as with any thing else...
Friday, 1 October 2004 - 21:57
pH Sensor Input
I would highly reccomend the INA116 from Burr Brown/ TI. Designed to monitor the sorts of signals you are looking at and very easy to use.
Tuesday, 14 September 2004 - 21:25