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ATTINY Glitch free IO setup
I note on the 1604 that when I change a pin to output low after reset I get pulse and then a steady level    usually in most controllers setting the out register...
Monday, 7 March 2022 - 10:33
System clock calibration in AVR ( ATTINY 1607)
coming back to AVR devices after a long spell away with ARM devices ( cant get the damm ARM ones at the moment )    question    Im confused at to whether the...
Tuesday, 22 February 2022 - 23:27
Source code for Studio ATTINY C startup code
Is there source anywhere of the various C  GCC startup code , ie like crtattiny1607, I can only see object code sources    thanks 
Tuesday, 22 February 2022 - 18:18
Atsamd10 newbie question
I’m just getting into the atsamd10 , but I have a question The spec sheet pinout for the 14 pin SOIC , shows 3 pins capable of analog operation , but the port multiplexing table...
Wednesday, 6 May 2020 - 05:23