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why is this not working ?
avrcandies wrote:WHAT?  Are you just accumulating how far your motor has traveled?   I read acc to mean accelerate - the clue is in the companion thread (...
Sunday, 20 October 2019 - 20:04
why is this not working ?
You wrote: DDRA = 0b0000011;It may not actually matter (or be the bug) but I expect to see 8 bits to make up a byte not just 7.  
Sunday, 20 October 2019 - 13:56
[ask] reading voltage and current phase in 3-phase distribution system
OK - so no XMEGA or Analog Front End (AFE).   So what about the sensors you mentioned in the Original Post #1. Part Number / Datasheet ?  
Saturday, 19 October 2019 - 09:43
[ask] reading voltage and current phase in 3-phase distribution system
e0ne199 wrote:i am here just asking about the ADC performance of an ATMEGA and i am really know what i am doing right now...because so far i only get about 30 samples on one...
Friday, 18 October 2019 - 18:09
How does an avr micro controller sense input
  meslomp wrote:Is that no longer part of the datasheet?   It's still there in the full xmega datasheet:   Note the beautifully circled circuit block. This is a...
Thursday, 17 October 2019 - 21:26
How does data get saved in the ram?
barnacle wrote:Now that's a function I have wished for on both the Windows and Linux calculators... Your wish is granted: SpeedCrunch SpeedCrunch is a...
Wednesday, 16 October 2019 - 18:24
Atmel Studio 7. 7 Segment Display Code Help
Jordy C wrote:The first portion of the project was to code in WinCUPL which I completed with ease. WTF: I didn't know what WinCUPL was so looked it up WinCUPL A complete, easy-to-...
Sunday, 13 October 2019 - 09:55
Using both USART0 and USART1 on ATmega324PA
Hybrid_Child wrote:Can someone confirm that USART0 and USART1 cannot be active at the same time on the ATmega324PA? I think you meant the opposite: Can someone confirm that USART0...
Sunday, 13 October 2019 - 09:05
Atmel Studio 7. 7 Segment Display Code Help
Jordy C wrote:My teacher refuses to assist me as we are supposed to outsource our knowledge for the project I'm reminded of the phrase: "Those that can - do. Those that can't -...
Saturday, 12 October 2019 - 10:06
I have no {} and I must scream...
You'll have found this StackOverflow question then: Where the answer is...
Sunday, 6 October 2019 - 08:53
Split from: code for AC current measurement
Your U1a +ve input has no DC reference voltage. You could try tying the low side of the current transformer to GND.  
Saturday, 5 October 2019 - 18:55
I have no {} and I must scream...
barnacle wrote:There are surprisingly few assemblers around for forty year old processors that work on linux. You could have grabbed an old DOS 6502 assembler and run it under...
Saturday, 5 October 2019 - 16:55