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Does avr compiler optimization affect registers?
Hello. Does avr compiler optimization affect registers like PORTC, OCR0A, EICRA etc etc?  I think it does, since they are part of the ram, just like variables.   ...
Monday, 9 September 2019 - 08:13
Effect of empty while() loop
Hello, after i checked that empty while() loops have a undesired effect to my program, i decided to write the simple below program:   //just before main():  ...
Monday, 9 September 2019 - 07:33
How does Arduino IDE Serial Monitor Works? (ttyusb not always works Ubuntu Linux +FIX)
Hello. I wanted to share this fix i found out, which made me think how arduino IDE works.   Short question: Does Arduino IDE's Serial monitor unplugs and plugs the usb port...
Tuesday, 27 August 2019 - 15:34
AVR C examples for atmega328p
Hello, i would like to share to you my github project: https://github.com/Basilisvirus/atmel-studio-7-examples-atmega328p-avrc   It is about atmega328p, where i made...
Thursday, 22 August 2019 - 17:34