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OLED1 XPlained Pro ATSAMC21N Xplained Pro SERCOM Clocking setup confustion
I have an example "Hello world" working with ATSAMC21N Xplained Pro board and the OLED1 Xplained Pro board the 48 MHz internal oscillator is divided down to 4MHz and passed to...
Friday, 13 December 2019 - 19:36
Help needed: How to combine multiple pins on ATSAMC21N (explanation below)
Hello, Im still new and getting acquainted with the ATSAMC21N board. I have multiple LEDs connected to different pins on my board (PA11, PA10, PB01, PB02, PC11). I wish...
Sunday, 21 July 2019 - 20:43
HELP: Discrepancy in GFX MONO between ASF3 and ASF4 (OLED)
Hello,   Im new to the community. I was trying to use my OLED Board attached to ATSAMC21N18A. Unforuntately, I could not figure out how to use it since the GFX library...
Sunday, 30 June 2019 - 19:15