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ATmega8 vs Atmega88
I've been searching answers for this question for so long but none satisfied me. So, let this be for the last time, what are the advantages of the more modern ATmega88 over...
Friday, 12 July 2019 - 20:32
ATmega32 External Clock Not Working
I have an ATmega32 which I'd like to use with a 16 MHz crystal clock oscillator. I didn't have a problem until I set the low fuse from 0xE1 (internal 1 MHz) to 0xE0 (external)....
Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 10:43
Atmel Studio 7 GCC error for ATmega8A
I have programmed my ATtiny13A successfully using the Atmel Studio 7 with my USBASP programmer. Then I tried to compile the same code for e too. Then I had so many errors but the...
Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 10:30