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Analog Input in CVAVR, Atmega8
Hey guys, I need to take 2 analog inputs from 2 potentiometers in an Atmega 8. I tried to go through the existing forums and understand, but I didn't. Could someone also...
Sunday, 3 March 2019 - 20:46
Debugging in CVAvr
Hey, so this is my code, I'm trying to make blocks appear row by row into an 8 x 8 LED matrix where the shift register controls the grounding of cathodes and the PORTB.2 controls...
Friday, 22 February 2019 - 19:07
LED Matrix with HC595, 4017 and atmega8 not behaving as expected
I am using the following circuit with the given code. When running at low speed (500 ms) all columns are displayed individually perfectly. But when trying to use POV to combine...
Friday, 8 February 2019 - 19:16
cv avr errors - can't figure out: Please Help
#include <mega8.h> #include <delay.h> #define pinWrite(i,j,port)port=(i)?port|(1<<j):port&(~(1<<j)) #define pinPulse(j,port)port|=(1<<j...
Friday, 8 February 2019 - 07:55