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Wires too long on NRF24L01s?
I cut a 2x5 ribbon in half and spliced it into those little protoboard wires and stuffed those in the uno spi holes. I did put a tant cap from vcc to gnd, but operation is still...
Sunday, 15 January 2017 - 00:16
Parallel resistor formula
Lets say I calc the R of the walls, the R of the ceiling, the R of the floor, and the R of the windows. A bunch of resistors in parallel. Do I need to calc 1/Rtot = 1/Rwall+1/...
Sunday, 8 January 2017 - 21:25
How do Tesla Chargers Work?
OK Pawi, explanation is clear describing how we can get 1A with < 4.2V. I guess I was thinking about car batteries where you can really hit them in the bulk stage, then finish...
Monday, 2 January 2017 - 20:07
32K byte fram example
I got one of those adafruit 32k frams. It has one of those danged twi hookups, but I just spent a couple days getting the st ranger twi working, so I used that to read and write...
Saturday, 24 December 2016 - 04:42
VL6180 distance sensor c source?
Hello folks. I have one of the sparkfun VL6180 I2C distance sensor breakout boards, and I see there is an ino file that reads the chip and displays the distance to an object. Was...
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 - 21:24
NRF2401 sensitivity to VCC > 3.6V?
Is there a way to write something into a reg on the NRF and read it back just to see if the spi works? Its just way too easy to plug the thing into the 5V hole on the uno rather...
Wednesday, 23 November 2016 - 20:08
loading a hex to mega2560 with avrdude?
I captured this verbose report from avrdude while trying to upload a hex file to a new mega2560 arduino. Note that it says it is an AVRISP, which I dont get exactly, and it aborts...
Tuesday, 22 November 2016 - 01:52
Bose Cinemate IR protocol?
My buddy has a Bose Cinemate, probably the first one, from early 2000s. He said it was working great, it stopped working, packed it in the shed, and misplaced the remote. We...
Sunday, 23 October 2016 - 01:47
Microchip/Atmel VPs reading this? How bout a 20MHz 1280/2560?
Nice to see new AVRs with more features. Any insider info on plans for a mega1280PB that runs at 20MHz? Better, Cheaper, Faster?
Friday, 14 October 2016 - 16:21
New imagecraft version with support for avr 48 88 168 328 pa and pb
Released 9/26/16  
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 - 03:52
mega2560s and avrdude?
I have 2 mega2560s... old one with a mega8u2, and a new one with a mega16u2. When I try to load a program with avrdude, I get the stk500v2 timeout error or the did not erase error...
Saturday, 3 September 2016 - 01:20
AT90CAN32 16MHz uart at 500Kbps?
I got a bee in my bonnet to build a can gateway by connecting two of our can bds with the ttl level uart1 rx and tx crosscoupled. I can see the rx coming in, but it doesn't look...
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 - 01:09