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AT90USB162 Clone Programmer Problem
Hello , i'm using an at90usb162 to make an avrispmkii lufa clone , the programmer works fine when i power the at90usb162 with 5v and i'm able to use it without any problems , when...
Monday, 25 November 2019 - 01:26
MAX7219 Simple interfacing problem
Hello guys i'm trying to interface an ATMEGA32A  with a max7219 chip to drive 8 segment display,im using AS7 gcc ,my approach was to use any 3 port pins , one to shift data...
Friday, 3 August 2018 - 20:51
Serial monitor gives wrong values /Multiple_IRQ_REQUESTS crash
hello im trying to test an hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor using this code, what supposed to happen is that i send a pulse on trigger pin of the module wait for rising edge of echo pin...
Monday, 16 July 2018 - 22:30
ATMEGA32-ISR won't change my global variable
Hello newbie here, what i think my code should do : i  connected a push button to PIND3, and when i press it pulls it low, i think this should set the timer0 on release of...
Tuesday, 10 July 2018 - 11:43