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Otomatone sensor
I have been searching for some time for this component in the photo. A sensor used in otomatones. I never had the opportunity to open up one and have no idea what they are called...
Tuesday, 23 April 2019 - 04:01
Joystick range
Hello forum! Title speaks for itself. Here is what I measure with my multi-meter. It makes sense to me that since the resistance is stable at both leftmost and rightmost angles,...
Friday, 12 April 2019 - 12:50
ATTint2313 PWM output pins give different Voltages under same command
I am using 3 of the 4 pwm outputs of the 2313 uC on a project. I am analogWriting a random output to them so that they imitate fire lighting with leds.   Code: #define F_CPU...
Monday, 3 December 2018 - 16:21
Cannot start programming an AVR! Help please?
I am at my wits end, asking for help. Programming an AVR has been my dream ever since I found out about them. Somehow though after following tutorials exactly I end up with errors...
Thursday, 1 November 2018 - 18:23