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ATmega328p complete chip erase
How to do a complete chip erase when Memory Lock Bits LB1 and LB2 are both set to 0? Because e.g. the SPI communication is disabled.
Friday, 31 August 2018 - 18:50
Spurious at PMW output ATmega328p
I use an ATmega328p with internal 8MHz clock for PWM, the PWM filter consists of a 4.7uF capacitor an a 100k resistor. After the filter I measure a spurious signal of 16MHz with a...
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 - 08:01
ATmega328p ADC to PWM
I use an ATmega328p Xplained mini board with a potentiometer at the ADC5 input. PWM off is PB1 (OC1A). source snippet; #define F_CPU    16000000UL #include <avr/...
Sunday, 4 March 2018 - 12:48