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AT90USB162 Strange behavior, code included
This is my first time using an AT90USB, so maybe I'm not understanding something about how these microcontrollers work, but I am completely confused by this. I have designed tons...
Wednesday, 2 July 2008 - 21:09
AVRISP MKII Problems - stopped working after over-volt
My AVRISP MKII is no longer able to enter programming mode via AVR Studio. Whenever I try to read fuse bits or program a .hex file, it says Entering Programming mode...FAILED!...
Monday, 31 March 2008 - 18:20
Max number of devices on SPI bus?
I am in the process of designing a tilt sensor and need to driver several shift registers. I was hoping to do this without using a buffer IC such as this, but I couldn't figure it...
Sunday, 9 March 2008 - 18:29
mega324 not supported?
im trying to include the mega324 in a project and it doesnt recognize it as gcc compatible. it keeps giving me a known list of MCUs and mega324P is listed, but i dont know the...
Monday, 5 March 2007 - 19:47
code example for SPI and PWM?
i am trying to output a simple string of bytes over the SPI port and cant figure out how to do it. i am also trying to send a pulse every 100ms from the PWM port and havent been...
Friday, 20 October 2006 - 04:43
programmed wrong fuse bits for crystal
i accidentally programmed the external RC oscillator fuse instead of external crystal. it was 1:15 AM, so this can definitely be attributed to a stupid, tired mistake. how do i...
Thursday, 19 October 2006 - 07:22