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AVR Beginer question - Program jumps to nowhere
I haven't used that compiler, but I think you should let the compiler handle the stack. You should only need to tell the compiler how much memory you have (i.e. that you don't...
Monday, 19 April 2004 - 05:27
Clearing a set interrupt
The only way to create a software interrupt (i think) is to configure an external interrupt to be edge triggered, configure the pin as an output and then write to the port. If you...
Monday, 19 April 2004 - 05:25
Clearing a set interrupt
Hi Daniel, When an interrupt occurs, the flag is set to 1 by the hardware. To clear this flag you write a 1 to it, and the hardware will set it to 0. -Geir
Sunday, 18 April 2004 - 18:36
AVR Beginer question - Program jumps to nowhere
Hello, Sounds like a classic stack problem. My guess is (observing you are clearing registers that control the XRAM interface) that your compiler is configured to use external...
Saturday, 17 April 2004 - 13:48
AVR Assembler - deprecated?
The avr assembler is not deprecated, it is shipped and used with AVR Studio. Quote:I am asking mostly because I'm not terribly happy with AVR Studio's development interface. Also...
Friday, 16 April 2004 - 11:40
READING a chips own fuse bits...
This time the cat lies, because the answer is Yes! ;) That is, if you have a device with boot loader. Read about the BLBSET bit in the SPMCSR register in the data sheet. You can...
Tuesday, 6 April 2004 - 14:25
ATMEGA 8515 rcall - ret problem
Because mega8515 has a software stack that must be initialized manually, opposed to the 1200 which has a hardware stack. Read about setting up your stack in the data sheet. -Geir
Monday, 5 April 2004 - 13:01
attiny26 INT0 AND timer1 problem
Happy to help :) -Geir
Saturday, 3 April 2004 - 17:12
attiny26 INT0 AND timer1 problem
Hi, I've simulated your program now, and believe you just hit a bug in the simulator. If the OCF1B is set when you enter the ISR and you enable that interrupt in the same ISR, an...
Saturday, 3 April 2004 - 11:21
attiny26 INT0 AND timer1 problem
Quote:Ohhh, I saw something: May be I should try to clear first the flag and then enable in the interrupt! Does the chip store the information, that the IF and the IE was set at...
Wednesday, 31 March 2004 - 07:26
attiny26 INT0 AND timer1 problem
I meant that the other problem might be an error in your code, but I can't tell unless I see it. Or it might be a problem with the simulator itself. -Geir
Monday, 29 March 2004 - 06:48
attiny26 INT0 AND timer1 problem
Hello, 1. If you have configured INT0 to be level triggered, it will trigger continously as long as the pin is low. Seems to be the case here. 2. Might be finger trouble, might be...
Monday, 29 March 2004 - 06:09