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Dragon Bane
Plugging a Dragon into a USB port has been reported as a failure mechanism. I have listed this as a suspected mode, but it may well be demonstrable. Anyone willing to plug in...
Monday, 1 October 2007 - 17:41
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
ttyridal figured out the part was NLAS2066USG or equivalent. I got mine from Digi-Key. There is a minimum order requirement of $25. When changing the parts, refer to Plons'...
Monday, 1 October 2007 - 04:57
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
Ouch. 24V. That'll do it. I've done similar a few times. Not as bad as one engineer I worked for once. He managed accidentally to short an armored thermal probe between 220 and...
Sunday, 30 September 2007 - 06:57
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
I have to go rent that movie again. There was so much that flew past as I was laughing the first time. If the OD buffers are really so fragile it might be a good idea add some...
Sunday, 30 September 2007 - 06:48
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
Igor, it lives! I was successful in repairing Carl's lately lamented dragon. Reading back through this thread I think that is a first for resurrection from JTAG deaths. I'm...
Saturday, 29 September 2007 - 23:38
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
Igor! More brains!
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 - 23:20
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
Excellent. BTW, I had a little time and traced out connections on my Dragon between the mystery ICs and the JTAG connector. Pin 5 seems to be an input, not an output pin. Why?...
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 - 18:58
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
The schematic would be very nice, but I'd settle for a BOM. At least then we could contemplate replacing de-magic'ed parts without doing a "Where's Waldo" search for obscurely...
Tuesday, 18 September 2007 - 22:29
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
Carl, I'll take you up on the offer. Interesting challenge to bring it back up.
Tuesday, 18 September 2007 - 19:29
Interesting to look at the clock specs. Implied in them is that the part will operate to nearly 20MHz. Another read is that the parts are expected to handle 18 MHz. (Implied...
Wednesday, 12 September 2007 - 23:34
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
According to the documentation in the help files, JTAG and ISP lines are level shifted. HV programming lines are not. An additional note says using the HV interface, you MUST use...
Friday, 31 August 2007 - 20:20
Dragon: anotherone bites the dust?
You seem to suspect the transistor died. Without adequate documentation on the Dragon (schematic and Bill of Material) it is hard to know what part to use to replace the...
Friday, 31 August 2007 - 18:22