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Question: short-circuit protection for i/o ports?
Per the data sheet, the absolute maximum amount of current an i/o port pin should ever sink or source (to prevent damage, not for normal operation) is 40mA. That said, I'm...
Friday, 7 November 2008 - 02:24
Opinions requested: Use SPI or code with AVR?
First, I'm sorry but I did not have the time to search for a previous thread of this nature, but still I'd like to hear what others have to say. Here's how I see things: To use...
Tuesday, 28 October 2008 - 02:20
include files device descriptions are where?
Chances are if I continued to dig I'd eventually find this. However, it'd be easier just to ask, as I'm sure many of you know. .include "8515def.inc" ; Includes the 8515...
Monday, 27 October 2008 - 02:55
Help! I can't upgrade my STK500 of years ago!
Automatic upgrade doesn't seem to work. Although I did get a cryptic "Loaded plugin STK500," but I don't know why. According to the manual, I can do a manual upgrade of the STK500...
Sunday, 26 October 2008 - 02:21
Out of date STK500 manual. Need current compatibility list.
I am an AVR fan from, I'm guessing, eight years ago. For example, a new part when I last used AVR Studio 3.56 (I think it was) was the Atmega323. Well, I've recently come upon the...
Saturday, 25 October 2008 - 05:20