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Running from flash using SAMA5D2 Xplained
To wrap up, the instructions at the following link are quite useful when programming the XULT.
Friday, 20 April 2018 - 22:46
Running from flash using SAMA5D2 Xplained
So, as is, the bootstrap resides in ROM (address 0x00000000, about 10K) and sets up U-Boot, by copying 0x80000 bytes from 0x8000 (ROM) to 0x26f00000 (in DDR3/SDRAM?).  ...
Thursday, 19 April 2018 - 19:56
Can you hear me now??? (433MHz)
Might be cool to add Hamming codes for bit error correction/detection.
Saturday, 9 January 2016 - 15:52
Solved: Transmitting ADC results via UART
Clue:   if (result = 50) PORTB = 0x00;    
Saturday, 2 January 2016 - 19:24
Learning assembly. Starting from AVR
There are significant lexical and syntactic differences even for the same processor with different makes of assembler.  (GNU/GCC versus some other, for example.)   When...
Wednesday, 30 December 2015 - 15:55
PID and app note AVR221--scaling output (update)
5 deg/5 min implies about 2 to 3 hours to get up around 225 from ambient; seems slow.  Without seeing a picture it's hard to visualize the fan rotation you describe, but...
Monday, 29 December 2014 - 21:23
PID and app note AVR221--scaling output (update)
Ultimately "field test" will determine your scaling algorithm and gains etc.  However, I think error = -10 degrees might not be realistic.  Not sure you could achieve...
Monday, 15 December 2014 - 18:42
PID and app note AVR221--scaling output (update)
I will politely disagree to the assertion that oversampling (i.e. higher sampling/updating than necessary) will result in "chaos".  Admittedly, it would be a waste of...
Friday, 12 December 2014 - 20:30
PID and app note AVR221--scaling output (update)
I'm curious how the fan effects temperature.  My guess is no flow means suffocation of the fire?  High flow acts like a bellows?   One thing I'm fairly sure about...
Thursday, 11 December 2014 - 23:14
Driving small brushless DC "cooling fan"
I'm the cautious type, but I've heard galvanized steel gives off toxic vapors. I have no idea, but might be worth checking if your drum is galvanized. Suppose I'd also consider...
Tuesday, 12 August 2014 - 17:23
Research topics for Ph D
Facebook's recent acquisition of Oculus suggests virtual reality may be finally coming to the masses. And I just saw that Michael Abrash has joined the team. He's basically a...
Monday, 31 March 2014 - 20:26
How can I send float data through UDR0 register?
You COULD encode the floating point into a byte and ship that over. For example, a temperature could be encoded [-40.0,140.0] -> [0,255] with: float temp=73.4; uint8_t x = (...
Thursday, 13 March 2014 - 20:27