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Flashing Binary file in Atmega MCU
The parser here is the "colon :" . Ok I will try this , and make the bin file . This must make the Atmega to work with the new firmware.
Tuesday, 4 December 2018 - 16:00
Digital pins read
Ya, grounds are connected but the pull-up pins need to be connected to a ground like the floating values, maybe i have to connect resistor to make the inpur pin '0'
Thursday, 26 April 2018 - 10:02
Digital pins read
Ya , from the link I wanted to say that , board gets into high impedance state if pullups are deactivated. I have atmega256rfr2 xplained pro board , I dont know if it happens...
Monday, 23 April 2018 - 13:37
Digital pins read
This one I expected to deactivate the pull ups ; PORTE = 0x00;But it is not actually deactivating the pull-ups. Only if I connect pine2 to ground the led does not blink,...
Monday, 23 April 2018 - 13:27
Digital pins read
Hello all,   One simple issue i currently noticed is ,the internal pull - ups cannot be deactivated ? why so? Im using xplained pro board ,   int main () { DDRE =...
Monday, 23 April 2018 - 13:04
Digital pins read
Thanks for the clear explanation.!
Thursday, 19 April 2018 - 11:06
Digital pins read
I do not remember where I read . No, there were no errors.    
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 16:38
Digital pins read
oh okay , but I dont need it specifically , I did not use the "PIN" for input. The follwing statement is already true: if ((PIND & 0x01) == 1)   Only when it is put...
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 16:37
Digital pins read
1 second delay of my comment is mistake. I thought we can directly access pins of any port by portxy and directly euating to 0 like in C. I do use Atmel studio  
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 16:22
SPI between Atmega and Arduino DUE
Ya, this is the Arduino terminal - Serial terminal of Arduino IDE on the PC. ATMEGA <-->DUE<--->PC(output screen)
Tuesday, 6 March 2018 - 09:28
SPI between Atmega and Arduino DUE
Atmega is 8 bit and the DUE's sam is 32 bit , but its transfer size is 8 bit. And also in another forum i read DUE runs at 84 Mhz !
Tuesday, 6 March 2018 - 09:24
SPI between Atmega and Arduino DUE
Yabusame wrote:     Do you see these values printed by Arduino on its UART after several minutes since SPI transfer has started? If so, then I'd check UART buffering....
Tuesday, 6 March 2018 - 09:05