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Welcome to the General electronics forum
Welcome to the General electronics forum. The general posting rules outlined in this post also apply here: https://www.avrfreaks.net/index.php?n... Behave and have a good time!...
Friday, 18 May 2007 - 09:17
Super Mario Pong!
What students use the STK1000 for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b...
Wednesday, 2 May 2007 - 13:22
Posting Guidelines for THIS forum
1. This is THE forum for discussing and sharing all things related to the AVR32 architecture; cpu, devices, development tools, applications, documentation or other matters solely...
Friday, 23 March 2007 - 09:57
AVR wiki!
...and there it was: the AVR (8-bit) section of the wiki has been started off with some contents on avr-gcc. Markus_b did the honors :-) https://www.avrfreaks.net/wiki/index.php/...
Monday, 12 March 2007 - 15:06
AVR wiki!
We are releasing the new AVR wiki today! In the beginning, this wiki covers the AVR32 line. The initial contents are based on Atmel's official AVR32 Linux documentation, currently...
Friday, 2 March 2007 - 14:49
Porting code from IAR to avr-gcc - general tips
HI guys, I had to write down some general tips about porting code from IAR to avr-gcc/WinAVR. After a quick search, I could not find something similar through this forum, so here...
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 - 13:41
Writing FIlter applications in C
Hi guys, I know a few things in theory of how digital filters work. But I would like to find some good resource on how to implement them (embedded) in practical applications. To...
Monday, 7 February 2005 - 17:23
Output files in separate folders
Hi guys, using the standard makefile as a template, I am trying to get all output files in a separate directory. I suppose there is no smart way of doing this; I mean apart from...
Monday, 7 February 2005 - 09:07
The TinyAVR starter kit
...does anybody have it? PM me or send to webmaster@avrfreaks.net... Thanks!
Monday, 31 January 2005 - 09:28
New STK500 protocol + programming software
Hi guys, dont know if you've noticed but here goes: Regarding stk500 programming software, A fix has been made for: 1) the non-contiguous file thingie 2) some missing parameters...
Friday, 21 January 2005 - 10:44
.c file to intel hex for EEPROM data
Hi guys, I want to include a .c file in my project and edit the makefile to produce an EEPROM file of intel hex records during the make of the project. - Is this possible?...
Monday, 6 December 2004 - 13:43
Studio 4.08 JTAGICE fix
Hi all, It turns out there is a bug in the 4.08 beta installation, concerning registry entries for the new jtagice dll's. A temporary patch with a fix is made, and you can find it...
Thursday, 27 November 2003 - 13:01