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Printf and leading zero using C
Is there any method short of using ITOA to have leading zero when using the modifier %d. I am printing (hard copy) minutes and seconds that are integers and using %2d as the...
Monday, 30 October 2006 - 20:08
ICCAVR using printf
I would like to include a char sequence to be used inside the printf function. Example: Printf(“^Bhello^b) where ^B might equate to something like 0x0e and the ^b something else(...
Monday, 30 October 2006 - 17:05
ATmega32 simple example of serial I/O using assembly
Recently I saw a post of someone needing to do assembly serial I/O. I keyed in the attached example assembly code. Hopefully it will be helpful. I did load it and tested using an...
Thursday, 26 October 2006 - 20:11
Radio Modems - Pologon Technologies
Just saw the advertisment for the RF devices. Does anyone have any experience in using these parts?
Tuesday, 24 October 2006 - 21:38
Using const pointers in FLASH and ICCAVR
I am having problems getting a small test program to handle what I thought was the correct way to use a table constant in FLASH. The code compiles ok. When using Studio for...
Friday, 20 October 2006 - 02:13
assembler documentation
Using Studio 3.x/4.x I did not see a manual devoted to the assembler. I thought there was one, but now can't seem to locate. If someone know's and can point me in the direction...
Tuesday, 11 July 2006 - 17:29
OPTO output to INT1
I am planning on using a 4N27 (opto coupler) to sink ATMEGA32 PD3 (INT1) pin to ground. I am using the opto to interface to a 24 VDC input to the PORTD.3 input. I think that using...
Saturday, 24 June 2006 - 17:51
ADC and 4-20mA
I am looking at doing a interface to a 4-20mA signal. Using a 250 ohm resistor across the inputs which allows for a 1-5 volt conversion of the 4-20 mA signal input.This is done...
Tuesday, 20 December 2005 - 19:17
ICCAVR v7 assembly routine in C
Can anyone offer an example of a callable routine written in assembly that can be called from C code? I used to be able to do this with an old 8051 compiler. From what I see in...
Monday, 6 June 2005 - 19:59
slow STK500 programming
Using STK-500 and OLIMEX PCBA’s, when I turned on my computer and started to do a few program changes, I noticed that programming was very slow. The devices program OK and the...
Sunday, 15 May 2005 - 18:11
ICC AVR version 7
Using ICC AVR C compiler I get the following error message: !E G:\Atmel\Mega8\Zinc001\TMX_Zinc001.c(47) redeclaration of `gets' previously declared at G:\icc\include\stdio.h(8)...
Sunday, 3 April 2005 - 18:40
ICCAVR and gets()
I thought this would be a simple function to use. However, I get a compiler error message: undefined symbol '_gets' :?: This was easy to use on a PC...
Monday, 17 January 2005 - 01:49