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TCP checksum
Hi, I'm developing my own TCP stack for ATMEGA32 and I'm having a problem with calculating the TCP checksum. According to the information I gathered from the internet, the TCP...
Sunday, 14 October 2007 - 11:23
ATmega32 timer0 strange behaviour
Hi, I'm making a project for my microcontroller classes based on ATmega32, 8 diodes and a 4x4 keyboard I made. Unfortunately, it's not going as good as I expected.I came upon a...
Monday, 15 May 2006 - 21:45
AT90CAN128 adc and timer0 interrupts problem
Hi. This is just a part of my program. I want to read values from three adc inputs and then, after a certain delay, read them again. I'm using timer0 to count in the background...
Monday, 3 April 2006 - 16:49
AT90CAN128 and PWM generation
Hi ya all. I'm new to this forum and microcontrollers in general. So, the problem is that I want to make my AT90CAN128 generate a PWM wave from OCR1A and OCR1B outputs (they are...
Wednesday, 29 March 2006 - 19:01