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Data Parsing
Hello all. Can you now give a opinion about the new code ( apart from the controversial Conditional Operand) that I am going solve next. I wanted make it step by step to be more...
Saturday, 10 September 2011 - 17:09
Data Parsing
Koshchi, thanks for your comments. I am going to take your advise in consideration. dak664, thanks for your help. I am going to test your example and let you know the result....
Thursday, 8 September 2011 - 10:49
Data Parsing
Hello all, I tried to follow the example of jayjay, but I do not know why it doesn't work. I do not used the length of the frame to control the flow because is varies depending...
Wednesday, 7 September 2011 - 22:37
Data Parsing
Hello all, Thanks to you all for your inputs and advise. I admit that I do not know C. What I learn is from reading a book and as DO1THL said, write the code trying to avoid...
Tuesday, 6 September 2011 - 22:49
Data Parsing
Thanks for your inputs. As I said I am starting to learn C. I also learned (I think) assembly by my self. The reason I want to learn C, is to do math. calculations easier,...
Tuesday, 6 September 2011 - 10:43
How to setup a library
Bobgardner, thanks for your help. Regards, Manuel
Thursday, 7 July 2011 - 14:37
How to setup a library
Clawson, Thanks again. I do not have the option to "Use external Makefile". This may seem ridiculous, but, I am not sure if I know how to add the main.c and lcd.c to the project...
Wednesday, 6 July 2011 - 21:39
How to setup a library
The make file is here.
Wednesday, 6 July 2011 - 17:16
How to setup a library
Claawson, In the make file I have # List C source files here. (C dependencies are automatically generated.) SRC = $(TARGET).c lcd.c According to what you say I do not need...
Wednesday, 6 July 2011 - 17:10
How to setup a library
Clawson, thens for your answer. I just got the files from the net. Were do I must put them? In the same directory of the program I want use them? thanks. Manuel
Wednesday, 6 July 2011 - 16:32
How to setup a library
I have another file (Make File). I can not add the Make file. thanks Manuel
Wednesday, 6 July 2011 - 16:13
Function that is not working
Mckeemj, Clawson, thanks for the inputs. As I told before I am trying to learn C, so I am reading the C book, trying, if it doesn't work read again, etc. The main point here is, I...
Saturday, 2 July 2011 - 22:56