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4 wire touch panel
I'm working on a project wwith a atmega and a big lcd panel (265x128 pixels) ans would like too use a 4 wire touchpanel. Does ny one know where i can buy them, look at digi key...
Saturday, 5 November 2005 - 21:42
Graphic lc displays
Hello guys (and girls). Have a small problem, i know how to control a lcd matrix module by simulating a HD44780 hitachi with a atmega. Now i have a project using a 240x128 pixels...
Monday, 17 October 2005 - 21:55
atmega 128 package
Deos the Atmega128 tqfp package the same as sqfp package????
Monday, 31 January 2005 - 21:32
Hello . I'm working on a mp3 radio. Have only a small problem. After recieving about 40kB of a streaming server it begin to send a lot of duplicate ack messages with the rts flag...
Thursday, 6 January 2005 - 14:27
eeprom firts byte question.
Hello guys. Could vaguely remember that there was a reason not to use the firts byte in the avr eeprom. Is this thru and if so what is the reason Many thanks Avrfreaks rules
Tuesday, 22 June 2004 - 11:08
why twice adress
Hello can any one explain why i need to multiply the adres of the table with two low(Tabel*2) why not use low(Tabel) thanks .include "m8def.inc" .cseg .org 0x0000 rjmp Initialize...
Thursday, 16 October 2003 - 17:09
AREF pin 2,65 or 5 Volt
Hello I have a question. in the manual of the AVR it said that the aref pin can internally conected to 2.56 volt or AVcc (in my case 5vlot) So what must the aref be. in design...
Tuesday, 7 October 2003 - 15:40
interrupt when sleep??
hello have a small problem. the code under here will enable the INT0 for rising edge and the code will enable the idle sleep mode. but when i simulate this code in studio 4.07 or...
Monday, 6 October 2003 - 19:46