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Multiple voltages SPI
A quick search brought up at least this one. Quote: 74LVC4245A Octal dual supply translating transceiver; 3-state
Friday, 24 August 2007 - 12:21
USI two wire mode in ATtiny24
From the AVR simulator help file: Quote: Simulation of TWI, USI and analog peripheral is not yet implemented So the simulator isn't much help on this issue.
Friday, 17 August 2007 - 06:15
Tiny24 bipolar ADC - DC offset help?
Quote: The datasheet does talk about being able to read the offset, but what kind of offset are they talking about? That would be the offset of the conversion circuitry inside...
Thursday, 16 August 2007 - 06:15
ATmega128L question
Quote: I assume ther is no way to force a reset from the code?? You can enable the watchdog and let it reset the avr. Something on your board seems to take a long time to start...
Wednesday, 1 August 2007 - 13:34
ATmega128L question
One thing that comes to my mind is the startup time of the crystal (if you are using one?!). How have you set the SUT fuses? If you have a very short startup time, try selecting a...
Wednesday, 1 August 2007 - 11:57
ADC using interrupt on ATmega324p
Quote: Any other tips on making my program work? You haven't set the ADC clock frequency (The ADPSn bits in one of the adc registers). My guess is you're running the adc too fast...
Friday, 27 July 2007 - 07:32
[TUT] Modularizing C Code: Managing large projects
Quote: If you *really* want, you can make public and private headers for each file, with only the items that need to be globally exposed in the public headers. I've sometimes...
Thursday, 19 July 2007 - 12:53
Problem using ADMUX to switch Vrefs on the fly
Quote: How do you sample the 2.56V reference? Do you have to physically wire a connection from some pin into an ADC channel or is this all done in code somehow? No need to wire...
Monday, 16 July 2007 - 08:18
LCD_putc usage
Well, the LCD_putc function simply puts the character into a buffer. Somewhere there must be a function to actually write the contents of the buffer to the LCD. I guess this would...
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 - 13:52
I/p O/p port
Quote: I thought all AVRs worked with the direction registers... bad assumption. Not really. The chip he's using is not an AVR.
Monday, 11 June 2007 - 06:56
No EEPROM write after sleep mode
Here's my guess as to what is happening: RETI automatically re-enables interrupts, so you probably are getting several int0 interrupts. Especially if int0 is configured to trigger...
Friday, 8 June 2007 - 10:12
Probably stupid PWM question
Quote: However I can't find any explicit reference to this later in the datasheets Check the timer sections. The key phrases you should look for are "Modes of Operation" and "...
Wednesday, 6 June 2007 - 13:22