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What is an alternation signal? (LCD)
Try to control a DMF50081 Optrex LCD display (yes with an AVR, mega32), but I do not exactly understand the M signal. I've also checked the driverchips (LC79401) datasheet, and...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 - 21:10
Power LED of PC to i/o
I want to tap the power LED of a PC to see if it is on or off. I use the supply of the PC to feed the AVR (+5V) Can I simply hook one side of the power LED of the PC to an i/o?...
Monday, 3 April 2006 - 18:41
Switching TIMSK in runtime
Can I switch TIMSK when the program is running? What happen when at the same moment TIMSK is written and an interrupt occurs?
Saturday, 18 March 2006 - 12:50
Copy bit from register to register
Try to copy a bit from one register to the other without changing the other bits (not mov), and with selecting the bit. I need as less as possible instructions. Came up with this...
Thursday, 9 March 2006 - 18:59
Strange? (lpm and table, .db)
I have this strange problem with loading data from a table (lpm) table: .db "" ;no data .db " Welcome" ;space+Welcome message When I load this, no problem. table: .db...
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 13:55
Counting with the Z pointer?
When I do this. lpm r16, Z+ Z counts up by 1, but how can I use Z as a counter the same time? I must count 5 bytes, but if one byte is wrong, I have to step 5 bytes up (adiw ZL, 5...
Friday, 17 February 2006 - 23:01
Dealing with (usart) rx-codes
I receive data (PC -> RS232 -> USART) in an SRAM buffer, now I need to verify if an rx-code has received. Something like this. \msg\ (msg=message) This code takes 5 bytes in an...
Thursday, 16 February 2006 - 11:33
Using the X and Y pointers both possible?
What I do is storing (ST) received (via RX USART complete ISR) bytes into SRAM with X+, but in the mainloop I use Y for reading (RDD) these bytes, because I do Y+0, Y+1 (X+0 not...
Friday, 10 February 2006 - 16:30
Possible to use 49 USARTs?
I have 49 AVR's, so I have 49 USART's and 49 MAX232. Can I better use a single MAX232 and 49 USART's, or a special RS232 splitbox? So 49 MAX232's. Need to control 49 AVR's...
Saturday, 4 February 2006 - 19:20
USART receving while interrupts occur
How can I receive data via the USART interrupt (RXCIE) while also two other (timer1 ovf & ocr1a) interrupts occur? Now it skips bytes, missing data. It looks like I have to...
Friday, 3 February 2006 - 17:45
USART RX complete interrupt won't stop
Seems like the USART receive complete interrupt keeps interrupting when a byte has received? How can I stop the interrupting? Must I flush the USART buffer? I only need a single...
Thursday, 2 February 2006 - 12:53
UCSRB instead of UCSRA?
From the ATmega8 datasheet (2486M–AVR–12/03) Bit 7 – RXCIE: RX Complete Interrupt Enable Writing this bit to one enables interrupt on the RXC Flag. A USART Receive Complete...
Wednesday, 1 February 2006 - 19:01