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Why is there no CPU version of the AVR?
Michel, You dont' need any remove-reprogram-replace-routine with the AVR's. They are programmed ISP by an inexpensive or DIY programmer. So there is really no need for your EPROM...
Tuesday, 17 February 2004 - 10:18
AVR as a memory mapped peripheral
Also consider to hook up your peripheral AVR by using SPI slave mode.
Thursday, 12 February 2004 - 11:02
Next AVRs
Ulf, After a closer look, no not perfect at all. You forgot that the magic word for success spells FLASH. At least in this forum.
Sunday, 8 February 2004 - 17:37
Next AVRs
Ulf, Looks ok, a little more SRAM and a litte e2prom and it would be perfect for embedded tcp/ip. "not that expensive", you say. Could you give us a little hint what that means.
Sunday, 8 February 2004 - 16:53
Boot from EEPROM
Yes and no. Code can't be executed from RAM, only flash. You can however by using the self-programming feature, transfer code from RAM to flash where you run it. The question is,...
Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 15:48
Using GCC for AVR in safetycritical applications
Geir, During the latest 3 month of avr-gcc developing I have found bugs in the compiler, bugs in the library bugs in the CPU itself. I have even found some in my own code ;-). Not...
Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 15:23
GPIB interface with ATMEGA128
Isn't IEEE488 an 8 bit parallel fully handshaked fairly slow protocol? If so, it can't be that hard to implement at least the link layer. Maybe you can't talk to every device in...
Tuesday, 27 January 2004 - 17:33
Help :)
Morrn William, You can get AVR starterkit from ELFA ( Also note that AT90S8515 has EOL (end-of-life) issued. The new ATmega8515 is the replacement. Then if you want...
Tuesday, 27 January 2004 - 08:55
Thanks again Joerg, Yes, that could be problem. I don't use the latest but the 20030421 release. Dare not change right now as I'm in the ending phase of the project. Will upgrade...
Monday, 26 January 2004 - 17:53
Yes, it would surprise me too. The fact was, however, that I noticed in runtime that the delay was much longer than it should be. So I checked the asm list and couldn't find the 2...
Monday, 26 January 2004 - 16:50
"Confused about interrupt!!!"
viccadz, Then it's maybe time to look somewhere else. Perhaps you could attach all your code so we can give it a try. If your code is BIG or have 'secret' parts, try to cut out...
Monday, 26 January 2004 - 08:33
AVR libc into ICCAVR
As icc uses 2 stacks, one for return addresses and one for parameters where gcc uses only one, I guess it's not worth the trouble doing it. What can be done however, is porting...
Friday, 23 January 2004 - 17:43