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not entering for loop
theusch wrote:OP has all of his arrays as local/automatic data (on the stack) and not global. Yeah.   I must do more practice on reading flush-left code...  
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 22:32
Decoding an old Data Casette format
Cool! Now have the robot open the fridge, grab a cold beer and pfssshhht it for you!
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 22:06
Code stored in wrong location in flash
Feroce wrote: but at the end, there is a "hole" in the HEX file, just where I have string in the code. I'll investigate. This could be an effect of alignment, e.g. the compiler...
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 22:02
not entering for loop
Also, @sunny:   Are you using Atmel Studio? If so, what version?   I ran a small test, defining a global two-dimensional array (49 x 49) of int. I get a failed build...
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 21:43
not entering for loop
Paulvdh wrote:And on top of that you also declare a second array on the stack. No Paul. An array as a parameter to a function is passed as a pointer to the array. The array...
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 20:51
[TUT][SOFT][HARD] Button debouncing in software
Let's just stress some theory that is very practical, namely two "aspects" of variables:   Scope is about where in the program a variable is visible.   Extent...
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 14:52
Power Supply for AVR Dev
redRiver wrote:You mention you haven't used one, so what would your choice be if you were working on a project with this type of need? Not one preference, but (again) many options...
Friday, 2 February 2018 - 14:38
ATtiny417 / ATtiny814 / ATtiny816 / ATtiny817
There is a specific "channel" for reporting errors in technical documentation. Go to, then Contact Us (at bottom of page), then under Literature Requests there is a...
Thursday, 1 February 2018 - 18:10
Power Supply for AVR Dev
There exists power supplies in the form of a PCB with voltage regulator etc that goes directly into a breadboard. I've not used one myself but have read positive reviews.  ...
Thursday, 1 February 2018 - 18:05
Finding Compatible AVR MCUs
Paulvdh wrote:I'm also a Linux user and since I use Linux I never bothered much about avr-gcc If you want to have the latest support for AVR micro-controllers, then the build of...
Thursday, 1 February 2018 - 18:01
SAME70N21: possible reason for not excecuting one single line
Physikant wrote:even though the compiler tells you that everything is fine. This is a common misconception. The compiler isn't telling you "everything is fine". It is telling you...
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 - 14:51
windows application
Oh, I've had a three-digit number of students doing that horrid thing, and it was a long time since me teaching. I'll let him pass.. ;-)   The mistake/ugliness/stench...
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 - 23:36